Japanese stock market


Below are links to some basic information concerning investing in Japan. For more in depth information, my book, Investing in Japan, is the one and only book published in English in recent history about the Japanese stock market. Timeless in its fundamental information about the Japanese market, and timely for investors to take advantage of Japanese companies’ extremely attractive valuations.

iShares Japan (EWJ) Factsheet: In Investing in Japan, readers learn why EWJ is not in their best interest. Nevertheless, EWJ is very actively-traded and is used as a proxy in the U.S. for Japanese stocks (but it is not the “Nikkei”). Educate yourself about EWJ.

Japanese ADRs and Japan Investment Funds: Although exchange-listed ADRs are limited and have been decreasing in number, there may be some great investment opportunities (such as a longtime holding of mine, IIJI). Investing in Japan readers learn all about ADRs including those traded as Pink Sheets. Know in advance the ordinary-to-ADR listing ratio and always use limit orders. As for Japan mutual and exchange traded funds, let’s just say caveat emptor applies. Find out why in my book, Investing in Japan.

Tokyo Stock Exchange Holidays and Bank of Japan key dates: Know when the market is closed — never rely upon an old market closing quote as is sometimes found in the business press. Separately, BoJ monetary policy dates are not terribly important to value investors, but could be helpful to know, especially to traders.