Investing in Japan book update


First, I want to thank readers that have purchased my book, Investing in Japan. So far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and I’m very appreciate of the reader reviews, including by:

Investing in Japan - Steven TownsNate Tobik, a value investor (with positions in Japanese net-nets) of the blog Oddball Stocks, whose review is entitled, “A must read for anyone investing in the Japanese market“;

Jim McRitchie, editor of, among the most respected proponents of shareowner rights and corporate governance reform, review: “Book’s Advice Will Pay Many Times Over“;

Jonathan of Bloombridge Capital, an investor in Japanese equities to whose review you should pay particular attention given his first-hand experiences in Japan, review: “If you’re a value investor, this is recommended reading“;

and an interview with Jacob Wolinsky, founder and editor of ValueWalk, a leading value investing site.

All the above are extremely thoughtful and if you’re sitting on the fence whether Investing in Japan is for you, I’m sure they will help you decide.

As I was writing Investing in Japan I wanted to ensure it would be timely and timeless. Timely so that investors could use the information to get to work right away using any type of value approach; even shorter-term investors and traders can capitalize on my observations. And “timeless” because my book serves also as a reference with its comprehensive overview of the market’s structure, key idiosyncrasies, and an overview of the generous rights afforded to shareowners, among other features.

As you can see from the reader reviews linked above, I seem to have achieved success in all these areas, and as it turns out in the very least my research surrounding Japan-focused mutual funds and ETFs could save current or would-be investors in such funds a lot of time and money; opportunity cost! Another point of my book, as evidenced by its subtitle, There’s no stock market as undervalued and as misunderstood, is that readers will disabused of the contemporary belief that Japan is doomed, its economy, stocks, its people, everything. Nate Tobik’s and Jonathan’s reviews reflect that well.

A few more updates. On the horizon I’m expecting to be announcing some news as concerns Investing in Japan and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. I’m very excited about this. I have also written about a deep value stock in Japan for the next edition of The Manual of Ideas.  Meantime, since my write-up (update) last month of longtime shareholding Internet Initiative Japan (IIJI) (3774), it is up some 30%. That it had recently traded as low as it did and since rallied so quickly shows “Mr. Market” thankfully remains hard at work.

I look forward to sharing more book and investment updates.