Harsh reality, no ex-Lehman love for Nomura


Hopefully the bonus pool Nomura (8604) [[NMR]] set aside for ex-LB players in Europe produces different results.

clipped from www.bloomberg.com
Nomura Said to Lose 100 Lehman Equity Employees to Competitors
Oct. 8 (Bloomberg) — Nomura Holdings Inc., Japan’s largest
investment bank, will lose roughly 60 percent of the Japanese
equity employees acquired when it purchased the Asia-Pacific
business of bankrupt Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., three people
familiar with the matter said.

About 100 of the 170 workers in Lehman’s Japan equity
research, sales and electronic-trading unit plan to leave the
Tokyo-based company, the people said. The departures include two
Lehman managing directors, Kazutoshi Ohkubo and Koichiro Chiwata,
who are joining London-based Barclays Plc.

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